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Escritora frustrada. From Winterfell. Knight of Space. Obsesiva. Slash/Femslash. Villanos. Cigarros & vodka. Invierno.
Muchos fandoms, muchos amores, muchas cosas sin importancia.
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for koroke lmao

Karasuno’s Ace is on fire.

a w a m u r a    a i c h i

Captain Sawamura Daichi

karasuno’s mama and papa
for nomiyas

scared hinata hiding behind people


Haikyuu!! 30 day challenge

↳ Day 2: Favorite friendship → Kageyama/Hinata


Tetsurou Kuroo, Captain of the Nekoma High Volleyball Club

Why, if the gods were cruel, they would have made me my mother’s firstborn, and Doran her third.